Where Florida Meets New York THE BIG APPLE

Where Florida Meets New York THE BIG APPLE

The Art Nook does framing and matting at 20 to 40 percent off the regular price and sells wonderful giclee prints, limited seri- graphs, laminated giclees (one from Dalia Kantor is wonderful), Judaica art and prints by famous artists like Romero Britto, Cha- gall and Cockle. This shop is a veritable mu- seum of fine prints and paintings that rival upscale art galleries at much lower prices.


There is a new optical store up front and a new fashion boutique – with lots of entic- ing glittering goodies – called Milieu. Their contemporary style slimming trousers, knit tops with lace, fringe and embroidery are terrific. They also have a full selection of up- beat stylish items. Another favorite place for unique sportswear is Dalia’s. Their comfort- able jersey pants now come in every color and have tops to match. There’s a watch shop (The Watch Stop), jewelry vendors, silver and gem engraving, kitchen gadgets (Kim’s), cosmetics shops, permanent make- up by Maureen and a great selection of wigs from Ms. Opal’s Wigs. There aren’t too many places that have the selection of wigs that Ms. Opal’s has. She also offers the best deal in town – buy one wig at full price and get the second one at 40 percent off.

Street, 42nd and 57th Street, Broadway, Park Avenue and Madison Avenue without a boarding pass. On a more Southern note, Stargem sells Spanks, Danskin workout wear and jewelry, Sun Glass Savvy has great sunglasses, and Touch of Class sells unique hats, belts and accessories. Moriah Jewelry Designs has beautiful Judaica jewelry and HandTree Designs specializes in unique, colorful and classy hand-crafted jewelry and accessories.

experience of shopping outdoors with the convenience of being indoors. This is why we are making a significant investment in our fantastic alternative to the cookie-cut- ter shopping mall concept,” said Manager Alexis Pugliese.

The Carnival Flea Market has been a mainstay in Delray Beach for the past 21 years. People have been going there to buy unique jewelry items, shoes, vitamins, sparkling tops and jackets, art, wigs and more. But something is brewing in this 35,000-square-feet indoor space in the center of town.

The good news is that what was once of freedom and liberty is the original statue called The Carnival Flea Market has been from the Superman 1 movie.
transformed into The Big Apple Shopping There are other new exciting changes Bazaar. You’ll notice the difference the mo- happening at The Big Apple Shopping Ba- ment you walk inside. There are New York zaar. The aisles will have street signs (so it style benches in front, indoor foliage and is easier to shop) and there are New York a wall mural of Manhattan’s East River style faux brick facades with balconies and complete with sailboats and serenity. Also brownstone style windows. Just so you greeting guests is old lady liberty herself: know where you are they have bright red The Statue of Liberty. This green landmark fire hydrants, an indoor grassy park with comfy benches and tall street lights that Gene Kelly would have embraced.

The Big Apple Shopping Bazaar is geared up for the Holiday season with lots of new and exciting items for everyone on your shopping list. There are places to rest, to eat and to call your retail home away from home. Come visit and see what everyone is talking about.

In the back of this large indoor market- place (near Central Park) are Greenhouse store fronts with glass enclosed atrium ceil- ing. The new shops that fill this part of the New York themed site are perfectly situated near the new Deli, called The Posh Nosh Deli. Owners Alan Helfman and Cliff Savitch were in the deli business for years in West- chester, New York and pride themselves on homemade kosher style food and soups. They have three-pound rotisserie chickens, homemade stuffed cabbage, knishes (that are terrific), lasagna, meatballs, sandwiches, corned beef, noodle pudding, chicken cut- lets and desserts. It’s also a family business – Alan’s wife Susan works there and so does Cliff’s daughter Marci and wife Lea. They now have outdoor and indoor seating with sconce lighting so everyone can relax, eat good food and enjoy themselves.

The final touches are not finished yet, but the transformation is in motion. Everyone is excited about this new shopping destina- tion, and the merchants are eager to please their customers. This large indoor shopping market is one that will make you yearn for the Big Apple, yet allow you to take a bite out of it as you see fit. “Everyone wants the

The Big Apple Shopping BAzAAr 5283W.AtlanticAve. -DelrayBeach (just east of Military) 561-499-9935 every Thursday there will be a green Market in the Central park area

Outside in front of The Big Apple Shop- ping Bazaar is veteran green market vendor Berri Fruiti. You can stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables at less than half the price of your local supermarket and enjoy the open- air breeze. Inside there are over 50 different merchants to satisfy your needs and wants.

Another new shop called Ronnie’s has terrific glittery shoes, moccasins, quilted handbags and sequin trimmed footwear. If you’re looking for scrub sets for hospitality or medical use check out Scrubz and More! They also have team items, lab coats and tops and pants for the hospitality indus- try. If you have a sweet tooth there’s a new candy shop called Sugar Rush (at the corner of Madison and 42nd Street), and if time seems to elude you head over to Overbey’s jewelry and watch repair.

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The aisles of The Big Apple Shopping Bazaar will have famous New York City streets signs as well. You’ll get to browse on Mulberry Street, Central Park, Canal

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